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The perfect bed, just like the perfect meal, requires a careful mix of ingredients. And just like a meal, it certainly isn’t just how it looks that matters . Cotton Home provides the perfect recipe for creating the ultimate home that not only feels great, but looks great as well

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Waterproof Mattress Protectors & Pillow Protectors

Creating the right base for your bed is vital to ensuring you get a good night’s sleep .  Pillow and mattress protectors will also extend the lifespan of your bedding and ensure they are free of any bed bugs

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Add Comfort to Your Sleep - Mattress Toppers

Say good bye to waking up with a sore neck after sleeping on the wrong pillow or to toss and turn all night with scratchy sheets

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Pick a Pillow That Matches The Way You Sleep

A comfy pillow is often the key to well-rested sleep, so it’s important to find one that suits. We offer a complete which include hotel style pillows , memory foam pillows , maternity pillows and much more!

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Give Personality to Your Bedroom - Comforter Sets

You can transform the entire look and feel of your bedroom with a new comforter set . By thinking carefully about what colours and patterns suit the existing décor and your personal style you can make your bedroom a place you never want to leave

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Fitted Sheets and Pillow Cases

How often do you change your sheets ?

Not washing your sheets regularly exposes you to the fungi, bacteria, pollen, and animal dander that are commonly found on sheets and other bedding. Other things found on sheets include bodily secretions, sweat, and skin cells

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Make it Interesting

The finishing touches are what will bring your home to life! This season is all about texture and you can easily inject some with our stunning range of textured cushions , blankets and bean bags Not only will they add depth and interest to your room .

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Product of the Month ! - LIMITED STOCK

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Protect Your Hygeine

How long will you stay clean if you reach for an old towel to dry off?

You have 19 million skin cells in every inch of your body. And one powerful tool keeps it all clean day after day: your bath towel.

Dead cells make up the top 20 layers of your skin. Some of these cells scrub off in the shower, but many of them will end up on your bath towel every day

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Fight the Emerging Virus !

COVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person. Fighting this disease is our joint responsibility.

Protect yourself and others by wearing masks and protective clothings

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