Bubble Blue Gel Pillow

AED 65


  • Cool gel help to lower skin temperature and offer pleasant cool feeling Keep an optimum spine alignment and help to prevent aches and pains Relieve pressure to your shoulders neck and back
  • Prevention and effectively relieve the waist sour backache.
  • SUPPORTS YOUR NECK NIGHT AFTER NIGHT: While other pillows have about as much support as a paper towel and go flat within a week of use - the Save&Soft reversible pillow stays firm and comfortable for months on end.
  • REDUCES NECK AND BACK PAIN: The comfort memory foam pillow maintains its shape while molding to your head - providing cervical support and keeping your neck level and aligned with your spine all night long.
  • KEEPS YOU COOL ALL NIGHT LONG: Tired of sleeping on pillows that are hotter than the midday sun? The unique cooling gel pads keep your neck and head cool through the night - great for warm sleepers or those in humid climates
  • LATEX-FREE MATERIAL WITH SOFT BAMBOO FIBER CASE: The breathable, hypoallergenic memory foam pillow contains no latex, so you don't need to worry about stuffy noses, rashes or watery eyes.

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