SAFE AND CARE 10 Pcs 150 x 220 cm Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet for Hospitals or Spa

AED 69.50


Disposable non-woven bed sheet is one of the most popular items applied in the beauty salon, hospital, family, etc. Our disposable bed sheet is soft and waterproof, which will provide a good breathability and dedicate a wonderful relaxation for you. 

1. Made of high grade material, which is safe, non-toxic, no irritation and nonallergenic.
2. Suitable for outdoor travel, beauty parlor, hospital, etc.
3. For home use, such as preventing urine soaked sheets, or prevent the pollution of menstrual blood.
4. Waterproof, oil resistant, hygienic and provides a good breathability.
5. Disposable, lightweight, soft and foldable, easy and convenient to use.

Material: Non-woven Fabrics
Color: White
Type: Disposable Bed Sheet Cover
Size: 150 x 220
Quantity: 10pcs/bag

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